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My artistic journey centres on the exploration of proxemics, the nuanced interplay of human spatial relationships. As a mixed-race woman living in a foreign country to my own native one, my works are imbued with a heightened sensitivity to the dynamics of personal and cultural space, verbal and physical intrusion. I delve into the invisible cartography of human interaction, drawing from a reservoir of experiences that are as diverse as they are complex.


My interdisciplinary background, shaped by over 8 years of experience in Design, Art, Interiors, Architecture, and Branding, working as a Creative Director and Strategist at a leading Design Studio allows me to create works that challenge and transcend traditional boundaries. I touch upon a variety of mediums, from AI algorithms and digital artworks to physical products and installations, to examine among others how personal spaces are constructed, interpreted, and negotiated across different cultural landscapes.


As someone who navigates the 'in-between' spaces /neither wholly belonging to one culture nor the other/

I find myself in a unique position to observe, critique, and represent the fluid dynamics of human interaction. Especially in a world where the politics of space are influenced by factors such as political instability, climate change, professional digitalisation, and human migration, my art serves as a mirror to society’s ever-changing proxemic norms.

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